Latina Professionals of Chattanooga is a Tennessee nonprofit organization that promotes the advancement of Latina women and girls in our community.


We provide Latinas the resources & community they need to thrive in their careers and education.

There are lots of other ways you can help us empower Latina women and girls in our community. Donations of time & money are fundamental to our ability to support Latina women & ensure their career growth.


We depend on donations to support Latina women in their career journies each year.


Get in front of our community of Latina women while supporting their career visions.


Share your experience-based insights and give Latina women career advice and the support they need to achieve their career goals.


Help us organize & execute the many initiatives we undertake & get first-hand experience working with a nonprofit.

Amiga Circle Podcast

Dive into the minds of local Latina's and get the inspiration and insider knowledge you need to see measurable growth in your career and life. 

Each season we venture down a new learning path, giving you insights into the most relevant issues Latinas are facing in society today and sharing the go-to resources other Latinas rely on for success.