Become a catalyst for change & share your experience & insights with a women entrepreneur who needs them.

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The Latina Professionals of Chattanooga Mentor Program was started with a desire to connect Latina women with the guidance, knowledge, and community they’ll need to thrive in their career journey. Since the program’s inception, we’ve paired an average of 10+ women per year with mentors all across the Chattanooga area and surrounding cities. 


Becoming a Mentor with Latina Professionals of Chattanooga is an easy and rewarding experience. Here’s what you can expect your time, from start to finish, to look like.

Step 1. Sign Up

Using our online form, we will share a mentee's career details, goals, and challenges so we can thoughtfully pair you with an ideal mentee to support in their career journey. To cover the cost of administering the program, we would appreciate a donation of $25.00.

Step 2. Matches offered

When we receive an application from a Latina woman looking for the kinds of insights you’re able to offer or guidance on something you’re well versed in, you’ll receive a notification with your potential Mentee’s profile & can accept the pairing if you feel it’s a good fit.


Step 3. Prepare for your Mentee

While you’re waiting to be paired, you can prepare & familiarize yourself with the mentorship process by reviewing the in-depth guides, videos & training materials sent to you.


Step 4. Meet your Mentee!

Once your pairing is complete, your Mentee will schedule your monthly meetings using Calendly or some other booking calendar software which allows you both to see each other’s availability, making the process simple for everyone.

Step 5. Mentorship begins 

Over the course of the next 12 months, you will meet with your mentee for 1 hour per month. It is their responsibility to set these meetings up in advance, provide an agenda & progress updates, and lead the relationship by being clear with their goals and desired outcomes.

Step 6. Option to renew

At the end of 12 months, you can choose to continue working with the same mentee for a further 12 months - should you feel there is more to be shared - or you can stay in the program and mentee a new Latina professional.


Step 7. Congrats! You're done!

Congratulate yourself! Because sharing your time & skillset to ensure Latina women get the support & knowledge they need to succeed is something you should be incredibly proud of. You both will receive a certification of completion.

Being a Mentor with Latina Professionals of Chattanooga means…


Listening, asking questions & sharing your experience-based perspectives with a Latina to empower her.


Becoming a part of an active community that wants to open doors for one another & see each other succeed.


Being committed to spending 1 hour per month, for 12 months, meeting with your Mentee. In-person or remotely.


Building a new working relationship with someone who you can learn from too. A Mentor is sometimes more partner than teacher.

Support Latina women & girls today!

There are lots of other ways you can help us empower Latina women and girls across Chattanooga and the Southeast. Donations of time & money are fundamental to our ability to support these women & ensure their career growth.


We depend on donations to support Latina women in their career journies each year.


Get in front of our community of Latina women while supporting their career visions.


Help us organize & execute the many initiatives we undertake & get first-hand experience working with a nonprofit.


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Professional Development

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