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Cultural Awareness Training


Improve your intercultural competence with Latina Professionals of Chattanooga. We have experience working with private and public sector organizations across all industries and sectors, we are ideally placed to help you to work more successfully with your international counterparts.

Course details

Individual, team and organization-wide Cultural Awareness Training is available to meet your relocation, international business, virtual management, or global employees' needs.

Benefits of Cultural Awareness Training Courses

A Latina Professionals of Chattanooga Cultural Awareness Training course will provide you with:

  • In-depth cultural awareness and understanding of the impact of cultural differences

  • The necessary foundation and tools to become culturally competent

  • A better understanding of the cultural challenges facing multicultural workplaces specifically Latinos

  • The opportunity to enhance cultural sensitivity and competence

  • Practical tools to reduce cross-cultural misunderstanding and encourage positive cross-cultural working relationships

Who should attend?

A Latina Professionals of Chattanooga Cultural Awareness Training course will be of benefit if:

  • Your organization is growing its business to diverse communities

  • You and your staff are increasingly working with colleagues from other countries

  • Your staff is becoming more culturally diverse

  • You are involved in multinational projects and programs


Course content

All our Cultural Awareness Training courses are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization depending on your specific requirements and existing skills set. Our Cultural Awareness Training course typically includes:

  • What is cultural awareness?

  • Cultural values and attitudes (time, space, group dynamics, authority, tasks, relationships)

  • Communication styles

  • Cross-cultural management skills

  • Working together across cultures

  • Developing cultural awareness

  • Language issues

  • Tips and strategies for specific Latin American countries


Our Cultural Awareness Training program is available as a four-week training either locally, at your organization, or virtually. We usually recommend a four-week training but can also offer a more flexible format to suit your schedule. Suitably tailored training materials will be provided and your trainer will provide a balance of structured input and discussion of case studies, critical incidents, and scenarios relevant to your own particular context. The most appropriate training format, content, and approach for your Cultural Awareness Training course will be discussed via phone call or email.

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