What could your career accomplish if you had personalized insights from someone who's been through it all before? Learn more about our mentoring program Juntas (Together).

A great mentor helps you to achieve what seems impossible.

We are on a mission to promote the advancement of Latina women and girls in our community. To support that mission, we developed a program called Juntas (Together) to help Latina women unleash their full potential by connecting them to tools, resources, and most importantly, to one another.

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Juntas is a one-on-one mentorship program designed to create and strengthen connections between Latina women through learned and shared experiences.


The program matches young and adult Latina women with other Latina women in the community who provide guidance and support to help them reach their goals.


The program incorporates group workshops and skill development sessions to cultivate relationships and inspire confidence.

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About our Mentoring Program JUNTAS

JUNTAS mentoring program is a 6-month program that begins with training for both mentors and mentees that have been matched for the upcoming cohort. You will then be invited to join us at the Welcome meeting. This will be a group meeting with all mentors and mentees in attendance, and it is during this meeting that you will be introduced to your mentoring match.

Following the Welcome, mentor pairs are encouraged to meet approximately 4 hours per month. You will work together to decide when and how you wish to meet going forward. Some pairs will meet weekly for an hour. Others might choose to spend a couple of hours together on alternating weekends. We want you to connect in whatever way works best for you.

Several times during the 6-month program, we will host a skills development workshop to be attended by mentoring pairs. These workshops provide participants an opportunity to connect with other participants in the program and to continue developing skills that support their goals.

The next JUNTAS cohort begins in October 2022.

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Latinas interested in participating in a JUNTAS cohort as a mentor or mentee are invited to submit an online application. When your application is received, you will be contacted to schedule a short meeting with Latina Professionals of Chattanooga. This is a casual conversation that allows us to get to know a little more about you. Participants are carefully matched based on their personal and professional interests, goals, and experiences. The more we know about you, the better chance we have of finding your ideal match.

We will let you know when you have been matched and you will be invited to a JUNTAS training and the Welcome meeting, where you will be introduced to your match for the first time. The rest is up to you. You and your mentoring amiga will work together to decide when and how you wish to meet going forward. The program will conclude with one final group meeting to share your experiences and celebrate your achievements.

Still have questions? Please contact us at hola@latinaprochatt.com



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