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Who is Latina Professionals of Chattanooga

Updated: May 1, 2018

You are Latina Professionals of Chattanooga!

Jocelyn Loza founded Latina Professionals of Chattanooga (LPC) to help Latinas advance by providing access to - and support from - other Latina professionals working in all industries by developing relationships with organizations who support the advancement of minorities in Chattanooga. 

LPC started in January 2018 and within a short time has evolved into a network that empowers women to achieve unimaginable possibilities.

Our Mission

To advance the leadership and success of Latina professionals across all industries. Be the resource for Latina professionals through networking, scholarship opportunities and public advocacy.

With a network of smart, talented Latina professionals who make an important and growing contribution to the U.S. economy, LPC has partnerships that provide connections, resources, opportunities and a supportive environment for women committed to helping each other. 

Our Goal

  • Provide a platform of connections, resources and opportunities

  • Transform corporate and media perceptions of Latinas

  • Create a pipeline of Latina professionals to fill leadership positions in Chattanooga

  • Demonstrate that advancing Latina professionals directly contributes to the prosperity of all

  • Develop the next generation of Latina leaders in Chattanooga

What makes us unique?


LPC is proud of being the first group specifically catering to Latina professionals in Chattanooga. Our network encompasses of influential Latinas and celebrates the advancement of Latina professionals.


LPC listens. We are not "just" a professional development group. We have built partnerships which will provide innovated networking opportunities and career development specifically for Latinas. 


LPC is different because we don't espouse the "male bashing" that is prevalent in other women's organizations.  We encourage men to join us and we include men in our programming efforts. One of LPC's mandates is bridging the connections between men and women in order to open more doors and opportunities.


LPC realizes that together we can create a larger impact! We have put into place dynamic alliances with local businesses and organizations. LPC is fortunate to cultivate valuable relationships with these businesses who are committed to diversity and the advancement of women.

Join LPC - this is for you!

#latinaprofchatt #latinastrong

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