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About Us

Giving Latinas the resources & community they need to thrive.

Founded in 2018, we are a growing community of Latina women across Chattanooga and surrounding cities. We come together to work, connect and thrive so that we don't have to overcome obstacles in silos. We partner with individuals and organizations whose work supports the advancement of Latina women and girls. 

Our mission

Latina Professionals of Chattanooga is a Tennessee nonprofit organization that
provides a foundation for Latinas in navigating the complex career strategies necessary for success in today's competitive and fast-paced work environment. Only 3% of all professionals and executives in the U.S. workforce are Latinas. We provide unique learning experiences for Latinas at all levels through advocacy, education, mentoring, networking, skill-building, and economic empowerment programs and projects.

Our Values
Integrity, Collaboration, Diversity, Inclusion, Authenticity, Ganas (perseverance)

Our guiding principles that shape everything we do at
Latina Professionals of Chattanooga

Leave no Latina behind

We create our initiatives with intentionality around accessibility and will do whatever it takes to ensure all Latinas get the resources they need to advance their career.

Practice Community as a Verb

We create our initiatives with intentionality around accessibility and will do whatever it takes to ensure all Latinas get the resources they need to advance their career.

Respond with intention

We’re grounded in our purpose and change course with intention, responding to the needs of Latina women and girls to meet the moment.

Go beyond expectations

We want everyone who attends our events and workshops to walk away feeling like they have someone very much in their corner, championing them and take away resources for their career and personal growth.

Celebrate diversity & push for equity

We believe our communities are stronger and better cared for when they are diverse, inclusive, and just. We are dedicated to ensuring our initiatives reflect these beliefs by being committed to journey towards anti-oppression and equity.

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Our story

In January 2018, Latina Professionals of Chattanooga (LPC) started as a conversation among amigas (friends) which later grew to a larger conversation of 200 Latinas on a private Facebook group.


After days of creating the online group, Jocelyn Loza saw the need for Latina professionals like her and wondered what would it take for Latina women and girls to fully embrace their power in the South?

A few weeks later, Jocelyn, issued an invitation to attend LPC's first event held in March 2018 (Women's Month). Over 70+ women, men and community partners attended. After the success of the first event, LPC began hosting monthly events focused on the advancement of Latina women and debunking misconceptions about our community.

After three years of meeting Latina trailblazers from Chattanooga and surrounding cities, November 2021 made Latina Professionals of Chattanooga an official nonprofit organization registered in Tennessee. 

The future is bright for Latina Professionals of Chattanooga because together we can do so much more!

With the support of our amazing supporters and donors, we are writing our next chapter. We invite you to learn more about how you can get involved.

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